Proud Partner with Energy Star

Proud Partner with ENERGY STAR

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Pella has been a proud partner with ENERGY STAR since 1999. From doors to windows and all things in-between, Pella strives to provide energy efficient options and education for our consumers – and it hasn’t gone unrecognized as Pella earned the 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the ninth time.

To show off how happy we are to receive this honor once again, and how satisfied we are to be an ENERGY STAR partner, we’ve put together eight reasons why we enjoy ENERGY STAR and the platform they provide for us to showcase our energy efficient products.

  1. Creates Comfort: Our professionals are positive in recommending ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows, because they allow a stylish option for homeowners while also helping make overheated and drafty rooms more tolerable.
  2. Public Awareness: Pella is excited about energy efficient products and thanks in part to the relationship we have, the ENERGY STAR label is noticed as an energy efficiency symbol to 85 percent of the public.
  3. Protects Home: ENERGY STAR certified glass options can help protect your home and furniture by decreasing exposure from harsh sunlight and UV rays. This not only helps regulate temperature, but also can help stall the fading of furniture over time.
  4. Pushes Innovation: Pella has endlessly worked to create successful, new and energy efficient products for homeowners around the country. Due to Pella’s efforts, we now have products approved by ENERGY STAR available in all 50 states.
  5. Options for Nearly Every Home: Not only do we have energy efficient options for every state, but for the bulk of households in the country as well. From different styles of windows and doors to unique product materials, homeowners can find the ENERGY STAR label on a large variety of products that will fit their style and budget.
  6. Saves the Planet: Although we have eight reasons as to why we enjoy being an ENERGY STAR partner, this is one of the best. As a partner with ENERGY STAR, we are proud to have our efforts help deliver the reduction of 2.5 billion greenhouse gases that the ENERGY STAR program has managed since 1992. Talk about a rewarding and planet friendly mission!
  7. Reduces Costs: ENERGY STAR efforts have saved an estimated $362 billion on utility bills since 1992. So where do windows and doors fit into the mix? For a normal home, replacing all the single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows can save a homeowner on average $101 to $583 per year.
  8. The Right Thing: Overall, our leading part about being involved with ENERGY STAR is the positives that result from taking care of the environment and homeowners around the country simultaneously. Our highest priority is to create a comfortable and top-quality home environment for every customer – including those who care about energy efficiency and the planet just as much as we do.

To learn more about how you can create an energy efficient living space, contact us at 540-466-1918, schedule an appointment online, or visit our Roanoke showroom.